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The Songs of Our Lives

            In music there has always been a cultural effect. But none more prominent than the musical movements in the 60's and 90's. From peace protests to the birth of teenage angst the 60's and 90's musical movements changed their time and the world forever. In this time period the grunge and psychedelic movement made entire generations of kids lives panned out differently because of the music they listened to. The Vietnam war in the 60's was a key part of the musical movement in the 60's because artists were able to use music as an outlet to project their political views to the world. There was also motown and rock and roll. Motown was mainly a black genre that spoke for equality and rock was making some political commentary but largely sex and drug based. In the 90's grunge and hip hop were the two biggest movements. Both were outlets for anger but in different styles. The grunge movement was more of an anger for regular teens while hip hop spoke out for blacks and the anger of being a black man. All of these genres and movements and events have come together to make the two biggest decades of music, the 60's and the 90's.
             The musical movements of the 60's were primarily Rock and Roll, Motown, and Psychedelic .
             Motown was lead by musicians such as Aretha Franklin, The Supremes, and the drifters. This had a major impact on the civil rights movement due to the African American demographic leading the musical genre and talking about respect for all in their music. .
             Psychedelic music in the 60's started with bands like Pink Floyd and the Traffic. Psychedelic music was and is looked at as a heavily drug influenced genre and the demographic of people listening to the music were a very drug based group. And because of that the parents and cops hated the fans and the movement, which made It quite popular among teens. Rock and roll in the sixties was the first start of the "drugs, sex, and rock and roll movement".

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