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My Songs

             I am one of those people who believe everyone has a song. One song that they can relate to, that "is them" and that song truly affect their life. The song may remain the same song forever, or change daily, or even hourly, with you mood. It is a song that when you hear it, you just know exactly what it means, both on the surface and in hidden meanings. A song that you insist was written just for you, to speak to you. It is your song.
             I don't have just one song; I have a few of them. Of these songs there is one that I find I relate to the most. It seems to take all my emotions and pull them together. Reciting them back to me to hear, and react to all over again. It finds my hate, my happiness, the love and sadness, and then it shoves them all together into a lyrical rendition, and spits it back out at me in less then 5 minutes. It's like reliving every important moment in your life, but in a series of short verses. This is my "everything" song. The song I listen to when I just need to experience everything. This is by far my favorite song ever.
             Like many others, I have a specific song that I relate to each emotion. IT seems that we all have our love song. That song we hear and immediately think of the special someone. The man/women of our dreams, or at least the one we"re currently interested in. That song will always remind us of him/her. In twenty years from now, when we"re listening to and "oldies" station, enjoying our music from years ago, and that song will come on, we will still remember that person. The specific traits that made us love them, and the ones that was liked the least. This song will always bring these memories back for us. It is often how we remember these people, through the songs we associate to them. .
             It is these songs that affect our lives. How we see the world around us; how we react to it. They have the power to lift our spirits, or make us sad; they, in a sense, control our psyche.

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