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Mary Song

            Introduction: The passage for this devotion is Luke 1:46-56, Mary song. I like the passage very much because it does nothing but praise the lord non-stop to no end. We cannot praise the lord enough and Mary shows that by speaking about something god did to deserve the praise of all of us on the earth. For this study I used the New International Version of the Bible and the NIV commentary. .
             Unit Boundaries: The passage before the song of Mary was a great passage that foretold the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus. God sent the angels, Gabriel and Zechariah and months later Mary was informed about the miracles that were to come. The angel said that she would give birth to Jesus, even though she was a virgin. Elizabeth the women to whom Mary was to sing the song to, give birth to John the Baptist six months before Mary gave birth to Jesus. In the passage after Luke 1:46-56 it tells of the birth of John the Baptist. Like the passage before it and the one after it, the passages are all positive passages that show the good that is soon to come to the world.
             Noting the Passage: Throughout the passage, Mary's Song does nothing but praise the lord in every way. In the passage she shows how much see follows and loves the lord by calling him savior and all Mighty One. Mary is also a servant of God who is happy to serve and keep their child and give birth to it. She is humble and thankful to be honored by serving him in such a way. .
             Outline: Mary's Song.
             I. Narrative intro "And Mary said" (Luke 1:46a).
             II. Quotation (Luke 46b-55).
             A. Praise (46b-49).
             1. Testimony "My soul glorifies" (46b-47).
             2. Reason for he has been mindful (48a).
             3. Proclamation from now on (48b).
             4. Reason for the mighty one (49a).
             5. Worship holy is his name (49b).
             B. Declaration (Luke 1:50-55).
             1. Description of God's attributes (50).
             a). His mercy (50a).
             b). Faithfulness (50b).
             2. Report of God's Actions (51b-53).
             a). Statement "His performed-.

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