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Mary Rowlandson Abduction

            Throughout early New England history, there are many great works of literature that make an impression on the mind and heart. However, the account of Mary Rowlandson's Indian abduction is a first-hand story of the misfortunes of life through the providence of God. There are many things in this work that surface as wonderful aspects of her personality, but one of the most noted attributes of her character is how she manages to never forget her duty to praise the God who was with her through all her troubles. Though these misfortunes were harsh and brutal at times, God's Immanence is displayed through these hardships by the protection of her children, the provision of the Bible and her safe escape back to the colony.
             The way that the Lord took care of Mrs. Rowlandson's children is a fine example of the immanence of God. Many would think that the loss of one child from the abduction would be a sufficient reason to doubt God and much less offer Him praise. However, this is completely opposite of what Mary Rowlandson did. Though her faith was tested immensely she still found reasons to give God the praise and glory through the difficulty. She gave thanks to God not only for the safe return of her other children, but also for allowing the youngest child to die to keep her from bearing the same hardship as her mother.
             The second aspect of the immanence of God though the Rowlandson account is the point where Mrs. Rowlandson receive a copy of the Bible from one of the Indians. One of the thrusts of God's word is the fact of maintaining a walk with Him. The way this is accomplished is through prayer and the reading of His word. Having this in mind, God showed His immanence by providing a way for Mrs. Rowlandson to read the Bible. .
             Finally, God's immanence is found by her safe escape back to the colony and later to the arms of her husband. The escape of Mrs. Rowlandson is considered reason enough to praise God.

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