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Music Movement During the 80

             You were just too busy with yourself. You were never there for me to express how I felt. Now I"m older and I feel like I could let some of this anger fade. But it seems the surface I am scratching is the bed that I have made." This song "Fade," written by Staind, is one of today's more popular songs. However, Bob Dylan's lyric, " and the times they are a changing." reflects the way our society is changing even today. In the past, most music was composed of melody, rhythm, timing, and pure relaxation. Now it is used to fuel our aggression. In the United Sates musical artists have the right to sing about anything that they feel. In the last thirty years, the first amendment's guarantee of freedom of speech has allowed many changes in music.
             7During the 70's much of the music was written about having fun with friends and keeping one's spirits up. The Beach Boys song "Little Surfer Girl," was a sappy love song about romance. The first line of the song is "Little surfer little girl." That very line shows that some music back in the 70's was very simplistic. Also the Bee Gee's wrote a great hit called "Stayin" Alive." That song is about keeping one's spirits up, no matter what comes along. Whether it is a love song, or an uplifting song, the 70's is marked by wholesome and cheerful music. During the 80's, bands started perpetuating a phase of new and unique music.
             When the 80's began, bands used a mix of bad situations and loneliness as subjects for their songs. Metallica sang about a field of dead men after the Vietnam war in 1975. The song is titled "Disposable Heroes." Metallica used the image of dead bodies to release their own problems. Their images reflect the death of lead singer, James Hetfield's friends and loved ones. Another band in the 80's was Black Sabbath, who sang about a woman breaking a man's heart in the song "Paranoid." In that song, Black Sabbath showed the pain of a man being emotionally hurt by a woman.

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