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My Girl vs. Just Like a Woman

            When first listening to both "My Girl" and "Just Like a Woman", I was not able to entirely understand the meaning of these songs. But after listening to them and paying attention to the lyrics I was able to get a better idea and understanding of both songs. Although My Girl and Just Like a Woman are both equally enjoyable to listen to, they both have various differences that can be compared.
             When I first listened to the song My Girl, I did not pay much attention to the lyrics. After re-listening to My Girl and actually listening to the lyrics, I came to realize that this song is of a very positive tone. Much of what is said speaks highly of women. The Temptations" opening line begins "I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day." To me this symbolizes the love for the "girl". To have sunshine is impossible to obtain on a cloudy day. The author of this song lets the audience know that even though he may be troubled or down, he always has his "girl" to make things better. The author uses sunshine, month of May, and honey to represent "My Girl." Later on in the song the author speaks about how money, fortune and fame are not necessary. "I've got all the riches baby one man can claim.".
             After listening to the song Just Like a Woman, I was able to tell that the mood present was very negative. Bob Dylan spoke of the woman as being fake and immature. He states that even though you may be a woman you break just like a little girl. To me this symbolizes the insecurities and faults that women have. It is evident that Bob Dylan does not speak very highly of women. Many words such as ache, break, dying of thirst, long time curse, and rain are all obvious clues that set the mood of the song as being very negative. .

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