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pro-life vs. pro-choice

            Today our society is spilt by two arguments. One side believes that they should say what they believe in. The other side believes in what is right vs. wrong. One of the conflicts in our society has been abortion for many years. Not everyone will agree on what you think about the issue. My believe is that I am pro-life, because of many reasons. The first reason is because of my religious beliefs. I am pro-life. I believe that you as a doctor, congress or a mother have no right to kill an unborn baby. I don't agree with someone telling me they don't want the baby. I would like everyone to agree with me that it is wrong. However I understand that will not happen, but I hope after reading this paper you will hopefully agree with my views of the argument. I believe everyone has their own decision to make and say what they believe, but I believe in pro-life. I wonder if I am not pro-life who would help the unborn babies?.
             Do you think an unborn baby should be alive or died? Should you keep the baby or give it up? Could you ever have an abortion? Also do you think the unborn baby deserves this? These are a few questions I think about when discussing the situation with someone that is pro-choice. When someone decides on something for you, do you get mad? An example is when a mother kills a baby, because the mother is not ready to take the responsibility of becoming a mother. Do you think the baby has any decision in this matter? I believe that the unborn baby cannot say anything. But for the parents they can make the right decision. When you think of a baby, what do you think of? Is it alive at the day of conception or at the day of birth? Being pro-life your response would be Life does not begin at birth". Science has shown that human life begins at conception. The reason we celebrate birthdays are because of our culture, not scientific belief (pg, 25, Schriefer). .
             When people are asked if a baby in the womb is alive or just a blob, the pro-choice people say that what grows in a mother's womb is not just a blob of tissue, but rather a life, a human life.

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