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Song Analysis - Little Boxes

            In Malvina Reynalds' song, Little Boxes, she's trying to say different two things. Either that if you go to college then you are guaranteed to become successful when you're older, or she's describing how our society is a repeated cycle that we follow without being aware of it. Throughout this song Reynald's tells her opinion about how if someone decides to receive higher education they will always come out being a successful person. In the second stanza, she states that they, "All went to the university. And they came out all the same" (Reynalds, Malvina. "Little Boxes"). This is the first time in the song Malvina refers to education in the song, but from it we can immediately see that she's already implying that by going to school, you'll come out the same as everyone else, especially where she states that "All went And they all come out just the same" (Reynalds, Malvina. "Little Boxes").
             In the same stanza, she states that "There's doctors and lawyers and business executives" (Reynalds, Malvina. "Little Boxes") coming out of the university. These three jobs or careers that she mentioned are typically viewed in our society as successful, high paying jobs that need college level education to obtain. This further emphasizes her idea that higher education automatically guarantees success. A way she helps clarify this is where in the last line of the stanza she says, "They all look just the same" (Reynalds, Malvina. "Little Boxes"). This is taken from a third person point of view where people are looking at these individuals and can see that they are all successful and well educated citizens that all went to college.
             In the first line of the third stanza, Reynolds says, "They all play on the golf course" (Reynalds, Malvina. "Little Boxes"), which refers to the common saying that "only rich people play golf".

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