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Kurt Cobain

            Biography of Kurt Cobain by Charles R Cross .
             To what extent is the reader convinced by Charles R Cross's analysis of Kurt Cobain's Lyrics?.
             "I"m worst at what I do best, and for this gift, I feel blessed" .
             Smells Like Teen Spirit, 1991.
             Every teenager you have ever met since 1991 will have heard the immortal Nirvana Song "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Off the "Nevermind" album, which was released earlier that year, it spoke of teen angst and rebellion, it was ever teenagers mind spoken. Although, starting this essay with the release of "Nevermind" is bringing you in at the end of the show so to speak, for in three years time Kurt Cobain would be dead, through suicide with a fire arm. In this essay I am going to shed a little light into Kurt Cobains mind and how Charles R Cross is able to convey Kurt Cobain as many different people through his own interpretation of Nirvana's lyrics.
             Often Kurt Cobain is presented as a confused lover, in many of his earlier tracks such as "Love Buzz" he creates the image of a sensitive young man. "You are the queen of my heart, please don't deceive me when I hurt you." Obviously written earlier in his career it highlights two main points about his life: That just like the rest of us, he was very confused about women, and his own confidence. This line speaks of his fear that he would mess things up and she (whoever she is) would leave him. Charles R Cross uses this line in order to highlight how Kurt Cobain was just another stereo typical teenager and yet somehow more than that. Charles R Cross's inclusion of this line especially, is important in the development of Kurt Cobain as a human being, not a character in a book. This begins to show new layers of Kurt Cobain and subtly suggests that there is more to him than meets the eye.
             "I've been drawn to your magnet tar pit trap, I wish I cold eat your cancer when you turn black." No doubt after reading that you"ll be thinking something like: "Eh!?" Which I would grant you, is understandable, however this extract from "Heart Shaped Box" one of Nirvana's most surreal songs conveys something very important about Kurt Cobain" personality.

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