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Kurt Cobain

             "Kurt Cobain is a biography written by Christopher Sandford on the life and death of Rock music icon, Kurt Cobain.
             The book starts off talking about the death of Kurt Cobain, which creates the perception that the book is going to focus quite a bit on Cobain's death and try to provide some explanation and theories into why he decided to take his own life at such an early age. This is a very accurate reading of the book, as throughout the whole biography Christopher Sandford provides many theories and anecdotal evidence, onto what went on in the complex and unpredictable mind of Kurt Cobain.
             After the first chapter on Cobain's death, the biography has a fairly chronological birth to death structure. The second chapter starts off talking about the birth of Kurt Cobain in Hoquiam; a small logging town 110 miles southwest of Seattle. Kurt Cobain's father, Donald Cobain, describes Hoquiam as "the bleakest single spot on the west coast" and "a place that was still stuck in the 50's and not ready for the 70's". Kurt Cobain's childhood is wrote as an unbiased representation with views from all different people who knew him. In some statements Cobain's childhood is portrayed as an untroubled upbringing with mentions that Kurt was a playful child, fascinated by music and who numerously painted pictures for his mother Wendy, as a symbol of his love towards her. But more often than not this part of the biography speaks of the truly troubled side of Kurt Cobain's childhood. Kurt Cobain's ex-neighbour allege he tortured her cat, Cobain's grandmother Iris speaks of Kurt's confusion and isolation during and after his parents divorce and nearly everybody interviewed acknowledged his very early dependency on prescription drugs, which he very possibly could have been misdiagnosed of having ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). .
             Christopher Sandford makes statements such as "it was a belief that every difficulty in Cobain's life could be solved with a pill".

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