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Benjamin Braddock and The Graduate

            The film, "The Graduate," centers on Benjamin Braddock, a recent college graduate with no real purpose or direction for his life. Unfortunately, not having future goals isn't Benjamin's only problem – he's easily overwhelmed, socially awkward, superficial, and reveals very little personality. Unable to be assertive, he's much like a piece of luggage; just passing by. He drifts through life.
             Benjamin Braddock doesn't fit into society, and partially because of that, is malleable, like a piece of plastic (which one of his family friends overtly states about Benjamin's personality by say one word "plastics").
             It's clear from the very beginning of the movie that Benjamin Braddock is not going to have the white picket fence and ranch house with kids. He's just going nowhere, and finds himself in amazingly awkward situation where one of his parent's friends, a Mrs. Robinson tries to seduce him. After trying to avoid Mrs. Robinson's overtures, Benjamin gives in and carries on an affair with Mrs. Robinson (who, by the formal cordial traditions of the time, he still continues to call her Mrs. Robinson throughout the entire film despite their relationship). .
             Mrs. Robinson is portrayed as a predator (she's always wearing leopard skinned outfits). Despite their inmate sexual relationship, they never talk. To give an example of Benjamin's personality, he asks her if she knows anything about art, to which she replies no, Benjamin goes on to ask what she studied in college, to which she replies art. Benjamin's reaction is just "I guess you lost interest." .
             Benjamin is soon put in a position where he is set up for a date with Mrs. Robinson's daughter, Elaine, which goes from being the worst date ever (Benjamin drives erratically and takes her to a strip club) to becoming somewhat of a success towards the end, and in time Benjamin falls in love with the Mrs. Robinson's daughter.

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