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The Graduate filming

             In 1998 the American Film Institute awarded The Graduate by including the movie in the "100 Greatest American Movies." Thirty one years after its release (1967), the film still had a great impact on both the public and movie specialists. The picture was directed by Mike Nichols, written by Charles Webb, produced by Lawrence Turman, screenplay by Calder Willingham and Buck Henry, starring: Anne Bancroft (Mrs. Robinson), Dustin Hoffman (Benjamin Braddock), Katherine Ross (Elaine Robinson), William Daniels (Mr. Braddock), Murray Hamilton (Mr. Robinson), Elizabeth Wilson (Mrs. Braddock), Norman Fell (Mr. McCleery), and Buck Henry (Room Clerk). Genre: Drama, Romance. The film was nominated by the Academy in 1967 for several categories including Best Actor (Hoffman), Best Actress (Bancroft), Best Adapted Screenplay (Henry, Willingham), Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress (Ross), Best Cinematography (Robert Sutees), and only won the Oscar for the Best Director (Mike Nichols). The movie also won several awards in the British Academy Awards (1968) such as Best Direction, Best Film, Best Promising Actor, Best Screenplay, and Best Editing. The Graduate also collected Golden Globe Awards (1968), and the New York Film Critics Circle (1967).
             A well garnished curriculum for a movie that was expected to be a total failure due to the difficulties faced during casting, filming, and the historical events taking place at the same time. What turned this movie into a big hit? Was it the production team, the actors/actresses, the youth, critics, the story, cinematography, or simply innovation?.
             Benjamin Braddock (Hoffman) returns home after graduating from Holden Caulfieldish College. His parents, an upper-middle-class Southern Californian family, seem to have organized everything for their son. However, Ben doesn't seem to have his future clear. He hangs around the swimming pool, sensing a general repugnance for the lifestyle that surrounds him though he lacks ambition and courage to break away from it.

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