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The Graduate

             Benjamin Braddock is a perplexed graduate, fresh out of four years of college. He has returned to his parents' home to decide what he is going to do with the rest of his life. The dilemma is that he doesn't know what that is yet. He is, as he put it: "concerned with his future-. What Benjamin does know is that he doesn't want to turn out like his parents, and their acquaintances. He is dismayed by their hypocritical, ostentatious lifestyles. He feels as if the adults in his life all want to get a word in edgewise as to what to do with his life, but they don't listen to what he wants. After bringing her home, Benjamin is seduced by the wife of his fathers' business partner. She is more than twice his age, however he quickly falls into a sexual relationship with her, and much to the discontent of Mrs. Robinson starts to "fall in love- with her daughter, Elaine. After a relatively quick and erratic relationship, in which Ben wins and loses Elaine, he finally takes charge, and makes a decision for his future: he states simply "I'm going to marry Elaine Robinson- and in doing so break away from his parents, and come of age despite the threatening circumstances. .
             Benjamin Braddock is confused, uneasy and lacking self-confidence. His main problem is that he is uncertain as to what he should do with his future. His parents seem to have a very good idea of what he should do, and this is exactly what he is "rebelling against-. Benjamin is fed up with his parents' world. At Benjamin's graduate party, all of the adults are praising him, and giving him advice like: "plastics- and "sew your oats while you're young-. Meanwhile his parents are basically showing him off to all of their adult friends. Not once during the film does the spectator see a friend of Benjamin's aside from Elaine because all of the characters are adults. Benjamin is a twenty year old stuck in an adult world. He wants to discuss art, and college with Mrs.

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