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Why a Graduate Degree

             Been a product manager for the pharmaceutical industry requires a lot of expertise and technical knowledge in sales and marketing. I have a bachelor degree in General Science without any courses in marketing or business administration. My only sales and marketing knowledge is the fifth teen years of experience in pharmaceutical business in the department of sales and marketing. Today's corporate world demands for the best-qualified and talented personnel. I consider myself a talented person. However in understand that I have a shortfall in qualifications. An example of this is that I have the time and experience to apply for a career advancement position; but I don't have a Graduate Degree in Business Administration which is a requirement for this advancement in my career pathway. .
             Earning a Graduate Degree will place me in a competitive status in today's corporate world. Also I can continue advancing in my career pathway within the organization that I work or in the Corporate World. A Graduate Degree will give an experience and personal growth in ways that I never experience, imagine or expected before. For this particular reason that I decided to earn a Graduate Degree. Another reason that I want to earn a Graduate Degree is to learn more in Business Administration and Marketing to have the knowledge of who to apply and use the most commonly used marketing tools that are utilize in today's competitive and challenging world. The most important reason why I want to earn a graduate Degree is to have the personal satisfaction that I accomplish a personal goal that I always have in mind. .
             A Graduate Degree is not only a personal goal that I have. A Graduate Degree is a commitment with my wife, my children and myself. Earning a Graduate Degree will serve as an example of personal growth, strength and maturity for my children. A Graduate Degree will set me apart from most of the average people in today's world.

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