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Why a Graduate Degree

             Different people have different reasons for going through the sometimes grueling process of achieving a "Graduate Degree." It boils down in some cases the cost-benefit-analysis or just simply the pride of knowing you have a graduate degree. My reasons for pursuing a graduate degree are discussed below.
             "Why a Graduate Degree".
             First off I would like to say that this is not my first attempt to complete a "Graduate Degree." It's not easy being a single parent, working full time, deploying all over the country every six to eight months on top of trying to maintain a personal relationship and hobbies like going to the gym, jogging and playing tennis on a regular basis. .
             The most promising aspect of achieving this long term goal is my financial stability after retiring from the military in the year 2007. Obtaining it will almost guarantee that I will be able to get a job making enough money to offset my retirement pay and a nice retirement lifestyle. Most people in the military wait until their final couple of years to obtain even a Bachelors degree and until after the military to go further. I think achaieving it now will take some of the pressure off later on when I have to worry about sending my daughter off to college and transitioning into what I call "free" lifestyle. I will not have to worry where I"m going to be, I can finally buy furniture without fear it will be broken or stolen by the packers due to moves at least every one to three years.
             On the flip side I can see now that it is not going to be an easy accomplishment. I never expected it to be easy; however I thought I would be more motivated to go online and interact. My priorities are so demanding right now that in order for me to succeed in obtaining a graduate degree I really need to sit down and consider a serious time management schedule and stick to it. It sounds easy on paper but with my daughter going into her first year of high school that will be another factor which will need to be factored into my time management schedule.

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