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Why a Graduate Degree

             In today's society we all aspire for a graduate degree for different reasons. Some are hoping to obtain a degree just to further their education. Others maybe wishing to add just another notch to their belt for status reasons. Many feel it would help them progress within their particular field. Yet, several feel it is only worth a pay increase. Regardless of what the reason one enters a graduate program; in the long run it contributes to that person's overall success. I too share in many of my achievers and aspirants reasoning for pursuing a graduate degree; however, I do have some particular reasons that I want to pay closer attention to. Pursuing a Master's in Business Administration will help me in several different, but similar ways. This degree will build my business skills, assist me financially, and give me the mindset to create my own business.
             The main purpose of a master's in business is to build one's business and managerial skills. These skills range from analytical to negotiating skills in one field. In another, it could be decision-making and marketing. The degree prepares a student for the challenges he or she will meet in the business arena. This degree will give that student the foundation of everything it takes to make sound decisions in a corporate environment. .
             The Master of Business Administration develops students for the role managers play in defining business problems, assessing information, considering alternatives, and choosing the best solution. Imagine the manager as the hub of a wheel. From the hub radiate spokes. Each representing a specific discipline, such as finance, law, marketing, operations, and information systems. Each of these "spokes" generates inputs for the manager to assess and incorporate into the decision-making process.
             As you see, obtaining this degree will help me in several ways. It will equip me to use skills that I may not have received during my undergraduate studies or in my professional career.

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