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Aid to Graduates

            To advance from the world of undergraduate college curriculum to that of an atmosphere of a higher, higher education in graduate training, it takes much of a prospective graduate student's time, effort, and sadly but very truly, a lot of their money or so many people think. Of the three "bonuses" that come with pursuing a college degree, only two hold their grounds. Yes, it does take a student's time, and yes, it does take a student's effort, but, it does not have to take money little or close to none if the student plays his cards right and goes for the grants and/or scholarships. Loans on the other hand require the student to pay back the money plus the interest that the loan gains over the years the student is attending grad school. Many students trying to pursue grad school ask the question "How do I pay for it?" because everyone knows that graduate schooling costs "muchos dinero". That's where financial aid comes into play. .
             There are really three main types of financial aid. There are student loans, grants, and scholarships. "Due to the rising costs of post-secondary education, more than 80% of college students utilize some form of financial aid to help pay for college." (www.gradloans.com). According to www.gradloans.com, financial assistance comes from many different types of sources such as federal and state governments, public and civic organizations, and colleges and universities also all provide resources of much needed money for post-grad training. Sadly, many people think that financial aid is just for poor people or minority students when in reality, there is financial aid out there for all types of people. And also, the good news is that there is also financial aid for graduate study. To attend graduate school at a private college, the costs can be anywhere from $15,000 for a Liberal Arts major to an upwards of $21,000 for Medical School (McWade 10). To attend graduate schooling at a public school can cost up to $15,000 for Medical School (McWade 10).

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