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The Lack of Equality in the Dream Act

             On June 2012, an act known as the Dream Act passed congress. This act allowed undocumented young students, who met the criteria, an opportunity to attend school without the fear of being deported to their country of origin. This act also allows these young people to work, and obtain their driver's license, or state ID. Even though they are given these opportunities, there is one huge problem; these students are not eligible for financial aid. Every issue has an opposing side, which makes the topic controversial. While proving themselves to the authorities by performing well academically and standing up as leaders, some still disagree with the idea of these students being able to receive financial aid. Believing that this particular idea was going to worsen things, and that they do not deserve financial aid in the first place as a result of their emigration status, led politicians to deny the bill as well. On the other hand, the people who are in favor of the act argue that if they prove themselves by obtaining good grades, and showing an equal or better performance level they should be eligible to receive financial aid. .
             The Failure of Equality in the Dream Act.
             The Dream Act, also known as "The Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act", passed in June 2012 allowed young undocumented people who meet the requirements, to go to school without having to worry about deportation. "Approximately 800,000 young people would be eligible for the Dream Act upon passage" (2010, p.1). Undocumented young students who are a part of the Dream Act cannot receive any type of financial aid other than scholarships as a result of their emigrational status. The government should reevaluate the thought of dreamers receiving financial aid because of their equal capabilities with legal resident students are reflected upon their good grades and leadership.
             Before the Dream act was passed, these young undocumented people were living in fear of not being able to attend school.

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