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Overview of Harvard College

             Is it in a rural, suburban, or urban setting?.
             Are there restaurants and shops in walking distance?.
             Many excellent coffee shops and restaurants (including ethnic and award-winning establishments).
             c. Are students allowed to have cars? Is campus parking available?.
             d. How safe is the campus?.
             - Safety is top priority. Full campus police force, the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD).
             - Walking escort service.
             - Campus-wide shuttle service.
             - Late-night door-to-door service.
             - Emergency phones .
             - Lighted pathways.
             - Computer-card key system operating in all freshman and most other dormitories.
             2. Academics.
             a. What are the most popular majors?.
             Social Sciences and Biology.
             b. What is the average class size?.
             Below 40 with over half the courses being offered each semester with 10 or less students.
             c. Do graduate students teach classes?.
             If they're ready to do so and are prepared, do the appropriate procedure, (TEP, Teacher Education Program) yes.
             d. How accessible are professors?.
             Professors make themselves available to students outside of the classroom, even beyond office hours, such as meeting in the dining hall or before or after class.
             e. Are there learning support services such as tutoring?.
             Yes - "Peer Advising Fellows" ".
             f. Are there opportunities for undergraduates to do research? .
             g. Do you offer/require internships, co-ops, or abroad programs?.
             3. Housing.
             What % of students reside on campus?.
             100% of first-year students living in college housing and 99% of undergraduates living in college housing.
             b. What types of housing do you offer?.
             Coed housing, apartments for married students, apartments for single students, special housing for disabled students.
             c. Is housing guaranteed for all four years?.
             d. How do people access dorms?.
             e. Can I live off campus?.
             4. Activities and student life.
             a. What % of students remain on campus on weekends?.

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