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An Overview of Women in Film

            Women have made incredible impacts in the film industry with their many talents and skills. Women in movies have become a staple in Hollywood; from having them as the central theme of the movie, to them being the damsel in the distress, or the unneeded love interest, women have always been there. Without women, the rise of the industry would have been nonexistent. Some movies that include women in powerful roles are: The Help (2011), Easy A (2010), Brave (2012), and Wolf Children (2012).
             The storyline of The Help is that it takes place in Jackson, Mississippi during the civil rights movement. An aspiring writer named Skeeter graduated from college and has found a job writing for the local newspaper. She takes this opportunity to write about her friends' African-American maids and their mistreatment. The main characters of this film are Skeeter Phelan, Aibileen Clark, Minny Jackson, Celia Foote, and Hilly Holbrook. The movie has more than two women in it, and they mainly talk to each other seeing as there are only one two men in the film. Romance is hardly an issue, the women mostly talk about the rights of PoC and treating others fairly. Women in this film are not only truly represented, they present the issues of their time, and it was important for me as a woman of color to see into the lives of the maids and how they handled it and who decided to jump in and help.
             The storyline of Easy A tells the story of a high school student named Olive and her best friend Rhiannon. Rhiannon asks Olive to go to a party, after the party Olive tells a little white lie saying that she lost her virginity. A schoolmate hears this and spreads it around the school, labeling Olive a slut as she identifies with The Scarlet Letter's Hester Prynne. The main characters are Olive Penderghast, Melody, Woodchuck, Rhiannon, and Marianne. The women has more than two women in it. The main focus of the film is romance and promiscuity.

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