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Robin Williams - A Comedian at Heart

            Well-known actor and celebrity, Robin Williams, portrayed the roles of countless characters and television personalities touching the lives of thousands, while also leaving his mark on the film industry. Although, stepping outside of his fame, Robin Williams paid a great deal of dues by being interactive and involved in numerous charities and event fundraisers for various causes. The famous comedian, first stepped foot into improvisational style comedy, as a stand-up comedian, debuting on the four season hit television series, Happy Days. Williams' portrayed "a string of successful film roles over the years, show casing his stellar comedic talents as well as his ability to take on serious work" ("Robin McLaurin Williams"). A handful of Williams' characters have greatly altered and changed the stiff perspectives of hundreds on assorted subjects affecting our culture indefinitely.
             In 1978's production of, Good Morning Vietnam, based on a true story, Williams starred as the main character, Adrian Cronaur. The film paints a truthful portrait of an American solider during the time of war. The main character, Cronaur, portrayed by Williams', made it his own mission to highlight the human side of these individuals, and divide these particular men and women of the war and its violence and of its cause. Williams' "sentimentally mirrored a real-life friendship with a man whom he had depicted, highlighting what their friendship had endured in .
             spite of drastically different political views" ("10 Reasons"). The film shined a light down on the fact that "those whom may not support war and violence, are still capable of showing support to those on its' front lines" ("10 Reasons").
             Moscow On The Hudson (1984), brought upon a new vision of the everyday Russian after the bloodthirsty Cold War. With all the created tensions between the two countries of Russia and the United States, "it is all too often, that the actions of a government become the actions of its people, with the everyday man who struggles to make a living being conflated with the government that's enforcing the policies" ("10 Reasons").

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