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Patch Adams

            Robin Williams brings to life the true story of Patch Adams, a non-conformist doctor who is on a mission to reform the medical system. " Patch Adams" starts from his days as a mental patient and ends with graduation from medical school. The beauty of this film is that it takes us on an emotional journey that is fun and touching, even if it's heavy-handed at times. This was a great movie because of the cast of characters, the great story telling and the comedic and emotional aspect .
             " Patch Adams" was so enjoyable because it was a perfect film for actor/comedian Robin Williams. The comedic moments given to Williams are wildly funny. One of the most delightful moments was when Patch went into the children's ward of the hospital and began to turn on his "Robin Williams" humor. The kids immediately lightened up and found a haven from their sick plight. Robin Williams also shone when he delivered a flawless performance of his characters dramatic side of the movie. At the films" climax he was brought before the medical board with charges of practicing medicine without a license. Williams's delivered an impassioned speech against the indifference doctors have towards their patients and even life itself. Not only does this movie shine with Williams antics, but the supporting cast was also strong. Patch Adam's girlfriend Carin, played by Monica Potter was a beautiful woman who was determined to become a doctor, who gradually let her emotional barriers down, to help Patch build his own hospital. Philip Hoffman portrayed Adams" arrogant roommate Mitch, who believed that studying was all that counts and Dean Walcott played by Bob Gunton was the villainous Dean who refused to see things in a different perspective.
             Other great aspects of the movie were the great story telling, comedy and the emotions that tugged at hearts of everyone. One of the great story moments of the film was when Patch Adams recognized that laughter was the best cure for medicine.

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