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Patch Adams

            Williams portrays "Patch"Adams, this manin his thirties that just checked himself into an asylum for trying to commit suicide. There he meets several people who have had it hard in their life. There he discovers that one good way to get peoples worry off their mind is to laugh. There he discovers what he wants to do with his life he wants to help people. What better career to do that than a doctor, but when he enters doctors school, he finds out that the deans were against his form of healing andt hat he wouldn not be able to even go into the hospital until the third year.
             Although he had the highest grades in the class, Patch was always getting in trouble from his teachers when he tried to get closer to them, like asking the patient's names instead of referring to their patients as their problems. He also hated the American health care system, where you had to pay and sign tons of documents before being treated, no matter what was your problem. Patch decided to find a way around this, in which he created the Gesundheit hospital which treats people for free and with laughter.
             Patch found fulfilment in his life by finding what he likes to do and is having fun going it. If you don't have fulfilment in your life, then you won't be happy with your life and that could lead you to depression. Say that you love the out doors, and there is a park ranger job available, but you take this cubical job because your friends are to. Now your'e no where near the outdoors, and you'r unhappy. When you try and take the ranger job, it's already taken. Now your life has no meaning. People don't want that, because there is no meaning to it. Ever since I was young, I've loved dinosaurs like everyone else, but the love of it lasted and now I want to be come a.
             paleontologist, but I like to be in big places and inform people so I'll be one in a museum.

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