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Patch Adams

             Based on a true history, the movie is the biography of the doctor Patch Adams who revolutionized the official medical community applying singular therapies which consisted of making laugh and provide affection to the sick patients of cancer. .
             References .
             It is directed by Tom Shadyac, a specialist in directing the official funniest actors of United States like Eddie Murphy in "The naughty professor- or Jim Carrey in "Liar, liar- and "Ace Ventura-.
             Robin Williams went with the authentic Patch Adams to visit hospitals to prepare the character. It is the sixth time that Williams plays a doctor.
             Plot .
             Hunter Adams (Robin Williams) is a depresive man that in the beginning of the film he doesn't know what to do with his life, he travels in a bus to the Psychiatric Hospital, where he will go in voluntary form. There he knows a reality that He didn't imagine: psycotics, maniac-depresive, esquizofrenic and, also, another voluntary intern the same as him. Hunter has as room partner an esquizofrenic, he can't begin any relationship with him, until the other voluntary patient makes Patch (as they call it the interns) see that the life is more than what we see ,that we must always see beyond , never keep the first impression. .
             In parallel form, he knows the hospital's reality, the distance between patient and doctor, the little communication in the therapies groups, where laugh is totally excluded. .
             Because of this "Patch- has desires to study medicine, that's why he enters to Medicine University to begin his studies. .
             His partners find him too big to begin university studies. Patch is interested in the service for people, therefore he wants to be in contact with the patients who are in the hospital of the University, but this is absolutely forbidden by dean Walcott (Bob Guntton), who has a very strong discipline, not allowing his students interact with the patients until the third year of the career.

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