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            Thesis Statement: The American and Japanese animation are good in their own way, but the American Animation is outnumbered in better qualities of Japanese anime.
             What Is Anime?.
             The word for "anime" has two different meanings, one which is meant as the Japanese version of animation (What Is Anime?). The other is that it is animated manga comics. Many believe that anime is copy the american cartoons of their style and stories, but in its" reality, it is not at all copying america (What Is Anime?). The truth is that Japan has been doing anime for hundreds of years, and that is why old style art is similar to modern day manga, Japanese comics (What Is Anime?). Actually, it is said that it might be influence from the Chinese form of art(What Is Anime?). Now, anime is not considered just japanese, but the all of the Asian countries around there(What Is Anime?). But the heart of Anime is still in the country of Japan (What Is Anime?).
             Anime History.
             It has been said by Fred Patten:.
             The earliest Japanese animation was by individual film hobbyists insipired by American and European pioneer animators. The first three Japanese cartoons were one-reelers of one to five minute each , in 1917. Animation of the 1920's ran from one to three reels. A few were imitations of foriegn cartoons, such as the Felix the Cat series, but most were dramatizations of oriental folk tales in traditional Japanese art styles. (A Capsule.).
             At the beginning, most of the anime was about Japanese folk tales (History of Jap.). In the 1920's to the 1930's, many artists used to work at their home-based studios(History of Jap.). They would sell their work at their homes for money, and with the money that they get, they use it on to make more ideas for anime (History of Jap.).
             The Style .
             The styles of American animation and the style of Japanese animation is totally different. They may have some similarities, but they also have their differences.

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