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The Fandom of Japanese Anime

            Although many people havent heard about Anime, twenty-five thousand die-hard anime fans attend conventions every year and increasing. Anime originated from Japan and it became well-known throughout the country by many kids and adults in the well-spent twenty years. Anime is done the same way as a cartoon but with more complicated drawings and innovative techniques and technology. Anime is popular because thousands of anime fans attend anime conventions, cosplay as their favorite characters and it is a valuable source of entertainment.
             Anime is very popular today because people attend anime conventions. In anime conventions many people of different ethnicities can enjoy the view of what's going on inside. They can buy a number of merchandise that usually appears to be manga, figurines, dvds, and etc. People can participate in various events such as panels, art shows and video screenings. There is more than a handful to choose from. Anime Expo known in America is the biggest convention to date and all sorts of ethnicities are always welcome to participate. People in conventions usually appear and act nice. There is also a chunk of background info left behind on Anime Conventions. One of the first conventions that began its run was the Comiket. Starting with several hundred people and today with a few thousand. Anime conventions that spawned in America began by a tandem of anime airings just like Japan. Now in recent years new anime conventions are springing up to places that coverage doesnt reach like Kawaii-Kon in Hawaii and Aurora-Con in Alaska. The convention that are western are mostly being operated by fans. Meaning a group of self appointed fans manage the affairs necessary to run events. .
             Anime itself has place in our world and therefore has a meaning which can compare to our culture. Anime for so ling has been treated as "kid stuff" or cartoons that should only be known as entertainment for young adults.

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