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The Canadian Embassy in Japan

            The role of the embassy revolves around facilitating Japan-Canadian relations in Japan. The embassy acts as the official representation of Canada within Japan, and is thus involved in various aspects of the relations between the two countries. The embassy strives to effectively nurture these relations in a manner that enables the two countries to effectively and efficiently works together for the purpose of mutual development and continued globalization. The embassy handles many aspects of Canadian-Japanese relations, ranging from economic to political to cultural. These relations are strengthened by implementing youth exchange programs such as the Working Holiday Program, with the ultimate goal of providing both Japanese and Canadian youth with global experiences and a better understanding of the cultural and social dynamics of each other.
             How has globalization between Canada and Japan impacted social norms, behaviour, and interaction? Japan's young generation seems to be not only better equipped for globalization, but also more independent-minded and bias-free in revaluating Japanese culture including traditional practices. If young people are better educated in school and better trained in their community and society, Japan will be able to co-exist with countries like Canada and prosper in the age of information and globalization. Dating culture, clothing, and music – all factors of societal globalization that have been internalized by Japan, especially the youth. Indeed, it seems as though the Japanese community has learned to interact with Canadian lifestyles while maintaining important social and cultural values. .
             In terms of business relations, trade and economic relations have been consistently strengthening between Canada and Japan. There are a lot of opportunities to invest in Canada. Canadian resources are appealing for foreign investors who may be interested in investing in Canadian operations.

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