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Gun Control

             John Lithgow once theorized on "Third Rock from the Sun" that due to the kinetic energy propelling a bullet and the subsequent friction exerted on the body by that bullet that "guns don't kill people, physics kills people." In Lithgow's argument, physics, the study of matter and motion, represents the force that causes the negative effects of guns. While the idea that physics is the sole perpetrator causing gun violence sounds comical, a more feasible alternative has yet to be widely accepted. Therefore, if the cause to the gun violence is so difficult to establish, a resolution on how to control guns should be nearly impossible. Guns have existed for centuries and have been used for fighting, hunting, and protection, yet the purpose of guns has remained the same- death. Throughout time, societies have argued over their intent, rationalized their necessity, and fought for their existence. How does a community go about controlling an instrument that encroaches on their society and brings about an end to life? A myriad of possible solutions has been attempted. On one end is a total ban of all firearms, and on the other is total freedom.
             Currently, the United States does not stand on either side of the spectrum. A strong reason, backed by other moral and safety issues, for the United States" apprehension to lean towards banning guns resides in the Second Amendment of the Constitution, which grants the people the right to carry firearms. In addition, by teaching the proper use of firearms to all would make the community safer as each citizen takes personal safety into their own hands. Yet, an incentive to ban firearms comes from the idea that disavowing all connection with a deadly weapon would in turn bring about a safer community where fatal crimes rarely occur. Gun control entails a topic that goes beyond the two words that the name represents. The controversial argument on gun control contains many controversial answers.

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