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Gun Control - Arguments and Rebuttals

             Throughout American history, high-profile gun violence has taken the national spotlight regarding gun control. Law reviews from the 1970s cite America's high rate of gun-related crimes compared to other industrial countries. The NRA and some republican citizens have been opposing stricter gun control laws under the pretext that guns don't kill, but people kill. However, according to npr.org, Obama thinks that while there is no law or set of laws that can prevent every senseless act of violence and no piece of legislation that will prevent every tragedy or any act of violence, guns end up in the wrong hands thus leading to massive and needless loss of lives. Even though this issue is very controversial, the majority of research has proven that the correlation between the availability of guns and gun violence is evident; hence stricter gun control laws will reduce gun violence. .
             The current, heated, and controversial debate regarding handgun control and violence has raised a prominent question for society: Should stricter gun control laws be enforced to reduce violence even though citizens have the right to bear arms? The most sweeping Federal Gun Law was passed in 1968 with long lasting consequences. Ben Garrett believes that it was an assassination attempt on president –elect Franklin D.Roosevelt which left Chicago mayor Anton Cermak mortally wounded, the prolific shooting of John Kennedy in Texas, Robert Kennedy in LA, and Martin Luther King Jr in , Memphis,TN, all of these brought about the idea of gun control in America. High -profile shootings paved the way for the National Firearms Act. .
             Another factor that started this heated debate occurred in 1993 when James Brady (was shot an assistant to the US president and White House Press Secretary), following the assassination attempt of President Ronald Regan, coupled with the murder of Beatles front man John Lennon, these two incidents gave rise to support for Handgun Control, Inc.

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