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Sex,Drugs And Rock And Roll

            Since its emergence as an art form, Rock & Roll has become one of the most feared plagues to ever infest the planet. With beats intended to incite excitement and lyrics about pressing issues, there's no telling how much Rock & Roll could've potentially corrupted the youth of the world, be it 1950, 2002, or anytime in between. Fortunately, the full destructive power of this entity that is Rock music has never been reached, thanks in part to the bravery of such freedom-fighters as the PMRC, Joseph Liberman, and church leaders at every corner of the nation. These courageous individuals stepped up to the task of imposing rules and ideas on everyone else's children, and thusly they're like parents to all of us. These people have heard the phrase "Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll- at one time in their careers as professional parents and choice-makers for all of us, and they understand how "hip- these three things have become with young, impressionable children. If sex is bad, and drugs are bad, then so too must be Rock, the latter of which causes exposure the priors. A typical argument from such a person usually consists of "Letting our (your) children become aware of these things is risky business. We, as parents, do not want to talk to them about these problems, because that would require too much responsibility on our parts, so instead we must erase from existence anything that could conceivably inform our kids on the pros and cons of such issues."" Of course, when they say this, they are only speaking of such mediums that youth find pleasurable, such as Rock music and videogames. They often fail to include the use of literature in their arguments because, "Hey, kids are too dumb to want to read anyway."" And let's face it: as far as slogans go, "Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, and Time Magazine- just isn't very catchy. So I implore you not to judge these people too harshly. They have just as much the right to be idiots as the rest of us, and their desires and ideas on how to silence others deserve to be heard.

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