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Rock Music and Rap

            We all listen to music; we all have a preferable genre of music we listen to. Music sends a message and brings people together. Two genres in particular, Rap and Rock are my two favorite genres of music. I do have a favorite, that being rap, but both are the best genres in music in my opinion. Both rap and roc share a few similarities for being two different types of music. Of course, they do have difference with each other as well. However, many people tend to choose one genre over the other either because they don't know or don't want to know about the other genre or because they've had a bad experience listening to the other genres songs. Now, this essay won't be biased in anyway, but I'll let the reader decide what genre they choose to listen to better, or to make the reader realize both genres are great forms of music. This essay will be about the main similarities and differences between the two genres to not be biased and to allow you to choose whether you'll give one a try or listen to one of them.
             To being, both genres are different in many ways, most being the way they sound. Rap music relies on a beat, or drums bass produces by many things such as, a turntable, a drum/ beatset, and just beat boxing. A lot of rap music uses slang in their lyrics while rock tends to be more or less "sophisticated" in the diction of the artists. Rap music mainly relies on the beat, not so much on the voices of the artists compared to rap. The beats are usually composed by a produce, a couple of times will the rap artist compose their own beats. Unlike rap music, rock music uses actual instruments, such as: Guitar, a drum set, keyboards, etc. to give a song a melody. Rap music relies on the artist rhyming word together and the lyrics they say/ what purpose they have on saying it while rock music relies on the vocals of the artist and the melody to compliment the song. Rap had different forms of the ways it rhymes, those being: Perfect rhyme, alliteration, multi-syllable, and assonance to name a few.

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