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Behind The Music

             Behind the Music: Influence on Teenagers.
             In today's society, Rap and Rock are two very popular types of music among teenagers. .
             This type of music appeals to teens not only because it coincides with the rebellion and frustration .
             they feel towards society, but also because it is the most accepted music amongst their peers. .
             While this type of music may seem harmless, research has shown that the messages that Rock and .
             Rap music contain in their lyrics can have a huge negative impact on impressionable teens. .
             Controversial lyrics in Rap and Rock music can lead to social problems with family and friends, .
             drug use, and even violence to ones' self and/or others.
             Many Rap and Rock musicians fill their songs with anti-family and anti-social lyrics. .
             Rappers like Snoop Dog and Doctor Dre sing about destroying their parents' house, upsetting .
             their neighbors, telling off their principals, and slashing their bosses' tires. Because teenagers look .
             up to artists like these, and because they are so easily influenced, it is easy for these teens to think .
             that it is okay for them to imitate these musicians' behavior. The Rap/Rock group The Beastie .
             Boys tell their fans not to trust anyone because everybody lies except for them. They also sing .
             about how parents only tell their kids not to do things because they do not want them to have any .
             fun. Consequently, teenagers may start to rebel against their parents, many times shutting them .
             out of their lives, lying to them, stealing from them, and doing many things that they feel they .
             should have the "right- to do when in all actuality these activities are harmful.
             Many Rap and Rock music teenage fans want to be just like their favorite bands and even .
             go so far as to actually imitate some of the detrimental behavior contained within the bands' .
             lyrics. For example, many songs talk about using drugs and the positive effect that drugs can have .
             on one's body and mind.

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