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Music and American Ideology

            Different eras have often been defined by the type of music that is popular at that time. Certain songs or music genres are associated with various events in history. African spirituals were carried to America among the hearts of oppressed slaves in the 1600s. They were later used to help runaway slaves find the various stops of the underground railroad. Songs would be sung secretly in codes, blind to field overseers but apparent to other slaves. Spirituals are now associated with freedom and the rise of abolitionists. African Spirituals gave root to other genres of music: blues, folk, and in 1950s, rock n roll. Some of the primary listeners of this seemingly lewd, loud, and obnoxious music were teenagers who wished to upset their parents, others were individuals who sincerely felt passionate for rock. Either way, Rock became a culture, one that was not afraid to express.
             every feeling, thought, and emotion. Musical culture is an evolutional process. Spirituals, Blues, Swing, Rock n Roll, disco, and other genres have matured over time, while still maintaining at least a touch of their roots.
             In the 1970s, a new sort of music was born in The Bronx, New York City. A Jamaican immigrant by the name of DJ Kool Herc developed the blueprint for what is now known as Rap. Rap consists of telling a rhythmic and swift story while being accompanied by some sort of instrumental track. Hip-Hop is synonymous with the culture of appreciation of Rap, as well as one that produces different danceable beats. Herc inspired the streets of the Bronx to carry on this new culture. Other Rap artists and followers continued to arise across the country.
             Currently, the Billboard charts show that Rap and Hip-Hop are the most popular genre in America. Perhaps it is because of the realism found in Rap lyrics. Some people may say that Rap is obscene because of the word choice and allusions to sex, drugs, and other topics not acceptable at the dinner table.

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