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Ideological Function of Casablanca

            The Ideological Function of Casablanca.
             Everyone has heard of the movie, but how many people have actually seen it and understand that there is a deeper meaning to the movie "Casablanca." The deeper meaning of this movie is the use of the ideological dimensions in the film. The definition of ideology is often thought of as a negative term alluding to false consciousness, which means unaware of the real conditions of ones life (Propaganda and Ideology Essay). In conjunction with dimensions the term stands for the size or magnitude of this false consciousness. The movie took place in the French Moraco in Africa in a town named Casablanca. While looking a little deeper into the name Casablanca one will see that the word casa means house in Spanish. One will also see that the word blanca means white in Spanish. So a false consciousness of the name of the town Casablanca actually means white house. In the movie there are several different ways that one can trace back to the American culture. One of which is the patriotism of the singing of the French National Anthem or the playing of American swing music at Rick's saloon. Another is the forming of two types of hero's by the characters of Rick, the outlaw hero, and Laszlo, the official hero. The movie is an ideological dimension as a part of America's expressive culture during wartime. .
             When listening to the music in the movie "Casablanca," one notices how the music involved in the film score helps show the type of ideology used in the film. At one scene in the movie Victor asked the band that was playing to play the French National Anthem. Rick then looked at the band leader and then the band started to play the song. In the singing of the song the Germans that were singing were drowned out by the singing of the French (Casablanca Movie). The French sang there song with such excitement and patriotism This drowning out of the Germans was used as trying to fill the ideological vacuum.

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