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             Rick--------------------------------------------------self-centered man who owns a successful.
             nightclub and bar in Casablanca during.
             WW II.
             Captain Louis Renault-----------------------------local German police captain .
             Ugarte------------------------------------------------a man selling 2 visas to go anywhere.
             Victor Laszlo----------------------------------------a man with a price on his head; a .
             former newspaperman with ties.
             to the underground rebellion.
             Ilsa--------------------------------------------------- Victor Laszlo's wife, Rick's old girlfriend.
             Plot Summary.
             Rick is a self-centered man who owns a bar in Casablanca during WW II. Secret documents and valid passes to go anywhere have disappeared. A man by the name of Ungarte has the documents wishing to sell them to someone in Rick's bar. The buyer is Victor Laszlo an influential man, a hero to everyone but the Germans. Victor has ties to the underground rebellion. He has escaped several times from the Germans making him almost a super hero to the people of Casablanca. .
             Ungarte fearing that Captain Louis" men will search him, leaves the prized visas with Rick. Ungarte is then killed; leaving Rick with the visas. Everyone in this film in trouble seems to come to Rick; he does not lie, keeps his word, and does not harm others. Rick really could care less about the whole situation until an old flame walks in to his bar on Laszlo's arm. Her name is Ilsa.
             Rick and Ilsa spent several wonderful weeks together in Paris, and she left without a word of explanation. Torn between his desire for revenge and his yearning to know the .
             Rick is forced to evaluate everything, to decide where his loyalties lie. Although Rick and Ilsa are torn, in the end Rick does the right thing and sends Victor and Ilsa off to America with the passes.

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