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             4 Leading Actors: Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henried, and Claude Rains.
             Club owner Rick Blaine owns a bustling night club deep in the heart of Casablanca where everyone from Nazis to people trying to escape to America come to play. Blaine's life, before coming to Casablanca consisted of a love named Ilsa, who, stood him up at the train station one day when they were both to be leaving to go start a new life. He was met there with his companion Sam and a letter from her stating that she was sorry to be doing this but unfortunately could not leave with him. One night Blaine receives two letters of transit that will aid two people to escape to America. These letters are very special and are wanted by all of the people who seek to start a new life by moving to America. In a couple of days following this Ilsa her husband Victor Lazlo, who is the leader of the Czech underground, arrive in Casablanca. Ilsa recognizes Blaine's companion Sam who is now the pianist at the club. She approaches him and asks him to play an old love song that her and Blaine had. At first he refuses but then she talks him into it. Blaine hears it and becomes furious. He stalks over there demanding to know why he playing it and runs into Ilsa. Ilsa and him return to her table where her husband is waiting and they have a few drinks. A couple of days later Ilsa finds out that Blaine have two letters of transit that she needs. These two letters are very detrimental is saving her husbands life. She tells him that she will do anything for him but, he is stubborn and won't give them too her. After an exchange of words they get into the subject of why she left him at the train station. She confesses that she was married the entire time but thought that her husband had been killed in another country. On the day they were leaving word came to her that he was still alive and wanted to see her. They rekindle their love and she tells him that she is still in love with him and cannot decide between him or her husband.

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