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             Directed by Curtiz, 1942, Warner Brothers Studio.
             The movie took place during the early days of World War Two. Victor Lazlow was a leader from the Czech resistance. He escaped from German concentration camps to Casablanca, wanting to purchase exit visas to eventually get him to the United States. The only way for him to get the visas is through an American, named Rick. Lazlow does not know, but while he was imprisoned in German concentration camps his wife was having an affair with Rick in Paris. Rick is still in love with her, and secretly she still loves him also. Rick fights his hear to take Lazlow's wife with the visas and leave for America, just the two of them together. In the end Rick sends Lazlow with his wife out of the country, knowing that it put him in grave danger.
             Casablanca is more than just a love story, it shows Rick's transformation behind the United States" efforts to help people in other countries, and be involved in international affairs. In my opinion a strong scene is when Rick is to meet Lazlow's wife at the train station in Paris, and they are to run away together. He waits, but she never shows, but sends word at the last minute that she will not be leaving Paris with Rick. A weak scene would have to be when Rick meets unexpectedly with Lazlow's wife in his apartment over the club, where she tries to convince him to give her the visas. When Rick refuses to give her them, she pulls a gun threatening to shoot him. Everyone knew that she wouldn't have the nerve to shoot the man that she secretly loved! My favorite acting performance would have to be Humphrey Bogart, playing as Rick. His personality just really seemed to match the character, he played it very well. A weak performance as a whole that I really didn't care for was Ingrid Bergman who played Lazlow's wife. Her acting was terrible, and her character was too indecisive on which man she really wanted to be with, she portrayed it with way too much drama.

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