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Hot Rods and Rock and Roll

            Around 35 years ago, a generation had begun which brought forth a new sense of culture to society. The United States had moved from World War II and was beginning to rebuild a sense of "Americana." Fast cars, rock and roll, and free spirits were running wild. Being a product of the 80's, I cannot tell you what life was like during these times. The only way I can envision the way in which people lived is by the stories told to me by my father or listening to the music from that point in time. It is quite odd being able to classify a lifestyle or commonality that society portrays by listening to a single song written during that generation. The art of music, you see, is an accurate way of depicting a cultures views and morals at a given time. .
             "She's real fine, my 409- is a phrase that will last the test of time. Most people know that the song 409 was written by the Beach Boys. Not all people know, however, what the song is really about. The 409 was a size engine fit into a small car known as the Impala. The lyrics, "my 4-speed, dual quad, posi-traction, 409- explain a little more about this car. These words demonstrate the knowledge people had about their automobiles. This is not seen at all in today's society. Another example is again from the Beach Boys with their song "Little Deuce Coupe." The words, "she's ported and lean, and stroked and bored, she"ll do a 140 in the top end floored," bring even more understanding to this idea of peoples" love for their cars. .
             The way I see it, society was not concerned with the sex, drugs, and rock and roll as they are today. The automobile in the sixties and seventies was a status symbol and a way to have fun. It was a way of life. "Cruisin" and playin" my radio, with no particular place to go- sung by Chuck Barry explains just that. As this song continues, we see that this is what life was like for the average teenager. Cruisin" was so much more than just wasting gas on the avenue.

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