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The History Of Rock And Roll

             For many years, people have been listening to rock and roll music, and not knowing where it originated from. Truthfully, it wasn't just a sudden thing. It came from the combination of various styles and cultures. Through years of development we now have a very defined sound that is now known as "Rock and Roll." Some roots and influences of the music are such genres as blues, rhythm, bluegrass, "boogie-woogie', gospel, jazz, and rockabilly.
             As well all know, the music came from the people of the time as well. Let's start with the early fifties. This was right after WWII and the world was recovering. People had new freedoms and ideas in their heads. Now people were free to pursue individual interests while being guilt free. Although along with this, separation of the races began again, and the music that people wrote and played reflected upon what was going on in society. Big Bands lost their edge and now people were more focusing on individual vocalists. An Alabama White Citizens' Council Member was once quoted saying "We've set up a 20-man committee to do away with this vulgar, animalistic, nigger rock and roll bop." For now, the fear of communism and for some whites, the fear of an independent-minded black society came at the same time. Since they both threatened the status quo, any cross-cultural performance took on the appearance of being subversive. This totally restricted black music flourished while white music languished of its self imposed limitations Soon enough at the hands of black innovators, country music came into being very urbanized and electric, and gospel transformed into "doo-wop." Big bands branched off into smaller divisions and changed their sound quite a bit, some into be-bop and some into what is now known as R&B. Still at this time though, artists such as Pat Boone, Rosemary Clooney, and Perry Como were at the very top of the pop charts. Yet, all that white American complacency could not hold back the vitality of Black R&B music, so a whole new sound emerged - Rock and Roll.

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