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Rock and Roll Revolution Paper

             The development of rock music can be considered a revolution in the past few decades. During this period, numerous musicians were called the revolutionaries, from whom people in different generations were influenced to change their minds to rock music. However, the growth of rock and roll is one of the most important and representative changes in the development of rock music.
             Just looking back to the early 20th century when Tin Pan Alley was the absolute mainstream musical style in that era. Actually, Tin Pan Alley was the name given to the publishing business that hired composers and lyricists on a permanent basis to create popular songs. The publishers used extensive promotion campaigns to market these songs to the general public in sheet music form with attractive covers. Originally, Tin Pan Alley was a nickname given an actual street in Manhattan where many of the fledgling popular music publishers had their offices. In time, it became the generic term for all publishers of popular American sheet music, regardless of their geographic locations. Throughout the Alley's years, popular music was developed in a variety of forms. The music was presented and promoted in sheet music form for voice and piano. The public was induced to purchase the music sheets when they saw and heard their favorite performers incorporate the songs into their acts, first in the theater and in vaudeville, then through recordings, later on radio, then in films, and finally on television. Also, we can also see some important technological changes in Tin Pan Alley, including the rapid spread of commercial radio, also occurred during this period. The developments of more affordable and better-quality gramophone discs made recordings more popular than sheet music in sales, and the introduction of amplification and electric recording led to the development of crooning, the intimate vocal style perfected by singer such as Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.

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