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JFK American Hero 20pg.

            John Fitzgerald Kennedy: A True American Hero.
             In today's society what is wanted or accepted by most people is considered to be "popular culture."" The word popular is thought of as what is accepted by the majority, and the word culture, in relation to what is popular, refers to the people who decide for us what is good or bad. In our text, putting the words popular and culture together is said to be, "the products of human work and thought which are (or have been) accepted and approved of by a large community or population- (Nachbar and Lause 14). After researching popular culture I have decided to analyze a true American hero, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I am going to provide historical facts to show how Kennedy, as a true American hero, had an effect on nearly everyone.
             John Fitzgerald Kennedy was an important innovator in ways of thinking and handling problems associated with society. He was concerned about equal rights for African-Americans and women. He was an ambitious leader and holds many of the same beliefs people do today about everyday life. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a respectable family man, and he always put his children first in anything he did. During Kennedy's presidency he made enormous strides in improving the life of people in third world countries. On February 23, 1961 President Kennedy issued an executive order creating the United States Peace Corps (Reeves 69). The reason for the United States Peace Corps was to send young Americans to less fortunate countries and have them live with the people to help them out by: teaching them the English language, help them with hard labor work, and live every day life with them. John Fitzgerald Kennedy decided that the best-suited person to lead the United States Peace Corps would be his brother-in-law, Sargent Shriver (Reeves 69). Today, the United States Peace Corps is still active, and because of John Fitzgerald Kennedy millions of people live healthier and better lives.

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