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Response to JFK

             There are several groups that were involved in the assassination of JFK. Nikita Khrushchev, the leader of Russia who was humiliated by the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, instigated the assassination. According to the two theories related to Soviet, one proposes that Oswald was directed to kill JFK by Valery Kostikov, a Mexico City Soviet embassy official, and second one proposes that KGB captured Oswald during his stay in Russia and sent him back to USA to kill the president. From these Soviet theories, Warren Commission drew a conclusion of one-assassin. Next group who was motivated to kill JFK is Castro in Cuba. According to the right-wingers and anti-Castroites, Fidel Castro engineered the assassination; Castro either recruited Oswald as the assassin or turned around a hit squad that had been sent to kill him, sending them back to kill JFK. It suggests a motivation for the Warren Commission's cover-up-to protect the world from the consequences of learning about a Communist-directed assassination. Castro's motivation came from the CIA sponsoring Mafia attempts against his life. However, Mafia was also interested in killing JFK. Commission theorized that New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello might have completed the assassination. Despite the Mafia's crucial help getting JFK elected in 1960, Marcello was apprehended and deported only a few months after the inauguration of JFK. However, Mafia would not have used inexperienced Oswald as an assassin and would not have done the job all by itself; one possibility is that it blackmailed the government, demanding a cover-up in exchange for keeping secret the CIA's hiring of Mafia assassins to kill Castro. Another theory claims that JFK was assassinated by the Cowboys-wealthy and powerful South-westerners who share national power in an uneasy balance with the more liberal East Coast political establishment, the Yankees; Oswald might have been manipulated into the role of patsy and was not an assassin.

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