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Who Shot JFK

             That question, Who shot JFK?, has been debated for the last 35 years. Some say a vast conspiracy, working out of the shadows, in conjuction with the CIA, FBI and the Vice-President was responsible. To others it was Cubans, angry that attempts had been made to assassinate their leader, Fidel Castro. Or maybe Soviets had done it in response to Kennedy's actions during the Cuban Missle Crisis. Then there's the Mafia. The Kennedys' trying to shut down organized crime made the perfect motive. Lastly, we have one Lee Harvey Oswald. And when the evidence is examined, the only logical conclusion is that he shot Kennedy, and he acted alone.
             Evidence. Without it there is no case. Before suspects can be gathered, before blame can be placed, evidence must be gathered. Then each set of evidence must be looked at, and conlusions be drawn. When all the evidence has been examined, and all the conlusions made, then the what happened can be seen.
             Just The Facts.
             The evidence against Oswald is bountiful. First there is the fact the Oswald was stationed on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository that day (was it luck that gave him this fortuitous position? Or did he have to get it himself?). Oswald's prints litter an area near the window where boxes were stacked to hide someone from view. In the same area lay three expended cartridges. Between two boxes in another area lay the rifle that fired the three shots. As for the rifle itself, handwriting experts have shown that the handwriting on the order form for the rifle was Oswald's. And in the infamous Time picture of Oswald, there are distinguishing marks on the rifle in his hand that match the rifle found. Oswald's palmprint was on the rifle. After the shooting he was the only employee to flee the scene. He then killed Officer Tippit, as shown by the fact that he had the revolver on him when he was captured. So the conclusion must be made that Oswald fired three shots from the window of the sixth floor.

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