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Who Shot JFK?

            Lee Harvey Oswald was the main figure and the only suspect in the JFK case. It is still unknown if he was the single person that assassinated the president or if he was part of a conspiracy and really innocent. .
             Whatever Oswald did, I sure found lots of evidence speaking against him.
             The rifle he bought from an "ad for Klein's Sporting Goods in American Rifleman" was found in the book deposit where Oswald worked and from where the FBI conjectures the president was shot.
             Oswald gave a cheap Imperial Reflex camera to Marina; she photographed him with his rifle and pistol.
             On April 10th Oswald tried to assassinate Major General Edwin A. Walker, he left a note to his wife "telling her how to deal with his death or arrest" . 14 Days later he moves to New Orleans were he is arrested on August 9th because of "passing out Fair Play for Cuba leaflets" On October 15th "Oswald is hired by Roy Truly at Texas School Book Depository" . After president Kennedy is assassinated Oswald flees by taking the Cecil McWatters bus. On 10th and Patton Streets Oswald shoots Officer Tippit and is later arrested in the Texas Theatre. .
             Marina, Oswald's wife, told in court that she would agree with the following statement out of the book "Marina and Lee" by Priscilla Johnson McMillan:.
             "In his eyes, his political ideas stood higher even than himself. He would talk about Marxism, Communism, and injustice all over the world." .
             "Marina was now certain that Lee was guilty. She saw his guilt in his eyes. Moreover, she knew that had he been innocent, he would have been screaming to high heaven for his rights, claiming he had been mistreated, and demanding to see officials at the very highest levels, just as he had always done before. For her, the fact that he was so compliant, that he told her he was being treated all right, was a sign that he was guilty." .
             Marina's statements might not be true but they sure make me think that L.

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