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JFK: Conspiracy?

             - Betty Palmer, a prostitute who was experiencing an overdose, tells doctors that a male Cuban client of hers told her that he and colleagues were going to kill the president.
             - Superimposed pictures of Oswald were put on the street 8 hours after the president's death. Why would somebody superimpose pictures if he were guilty of the assassination?.
             - Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald while he was leaving the Dallas Centennial Police Station after a questioning session. On the day of the assassination, 2 woman saw Ruby and associated driving a truck with guns lying in the back.
             - David Ferrie, an ex-homosexual pilot, was questioned by New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison. In this session, David Ferrie choked under pressure, and gave a non-believable statement in which he contradicted himself many times. Garrison sent him to the FBI for further questioning, but days later he was let go when a statement was made by the FBI saying that his questioning went smoothly and everything he said tied itself together perfectly.
             - Supposedly, Oswald got off three perfect shots from a manual bolt action rifle, in less than six seconds. And according to his friends, he was a terrible shot, and had very little experience using any weapons. The average man could get off two shots in that amount of time, and always the first shot would be the best. In this case, the third shot was the best. The government hired 5 first class riflemen to attempt to make the shots that Oswald made, and not one of them could do it. .
             - The Warren report written for the J.F.K. assassination, one of the most important cases in the history of the United States, was sloppily written and all of its contents contradicted what the eye witnesses of the murder said happened. However, Earl Warren did justify that it was impossible for Oswald to make the shooting job that he did with 3 bullets, so he introduced the magic bullet theory.

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