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JFK Conspiracy Theory

             In this essay, I will tell about John F. Kennedy's (FDR) assassination, and I will.
             state and explain that his death was part of a conspiracy.
             On November 22, 1963 JFK went to visit Dallas, Texas. As he rode in a car with.
             his wife, Jackie, and John Connally past thousands of cheering people, shots rang out.
             The President fell over severely wounded. JFK died soon afterward in the hospital. Police.
             soon afterward arrested Lee Harvey Oswald for murdering the President. Later under.
             police escort, Jack Ruby shot him to his death. This led to much controversy. Did Oswald.
             act alone, or was there a conspiracy?.
             If you look at the facts it is proven that JFK's death was part of a conspiracy.
             Right when JFK's car rounded a bend in the street, eyewitnesses said that an epileptic.
             made a big scene in which he had a seizure. Many police rushed to the scene of the.
             epileptic. After the shooting the epileptic got up, drove off, and mysteriously.
             disappeared. The epileptic made this scene so that the other members involved in JFK's.
             assassination could shoot the President without being spotted by the police. This proves.
             there was another person involved in the assassination. Also when eyewitnesses of the.
             assassination were asked if they knew which way the bullet came from, different people.
             from different parts and places of the street said they heard a shot from their side, proving.
             that there were different shooters from different places. This makes it impossible for just.
             Oswald to run from one side of the street to the other so fast and without being seen.
             When you examine the live footage of the assassination you can see that Kennedy got.
             shot from the back through his neck because you see him raise his hands to his neck and.
             his wife move closer to see what had happened. Then he got shot from the side on the.
             third and final shot which left him unconscious and close to death. Three shots were fired.
             all together but the first missed and grazed another man.

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