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JFK-Conspiracy Or Not

             Kennedy captured and soon assassinated himself? Was the right assassin even captured? Does the United States even know who committed the crime? Unfortunately these questions have not been answered due to false, confusing, contradictory, and maybe even true but not proven evidence. The case was studied over and over, yet the truth was never brought out. Was the assignation of JFK a total conspiracy? .
             Many say that the mafia played a strong role in the assignation of the president. Word has it that President Kennedy's father was involved with the mafia. It is said that he promised favors to the mafia in return for the mafia's help in getting his son elected president. The mafia agreed and kept their promise. Soon after the election which the mafia helped John Kennedy win, the Kennedy's did not keep up their end of the bargain. The mafia may have felt they had reason for retaliation by ordering the assignation of President Kennedy.
             Lee Harvey Oswald was accused of killing the president. He was immediately arrested for the crime and soon after murdered by Jack Ruby, which didn't give him a chance to go to trial. Many say he was the lone assassin. Others say he was only one of the shooters. But during the studies of the killing, facts where found saying that it is very unlikely Oswald even had time to commit the crime. It was said he only had ninety seconds to shoot three bullets including loading, reloading, aiming, and firing the weapon. He also had to wipe and dispose of the weapon, run down several flights of stairs, catch his breath, and purchase a Coke from the vending machine seconds before a police officer contacted him and continued searching after Oswald was identified as a worker in the building.
             Right after Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested, the police announced that they had the president's killer. People have been disputing that fact ever since 1963. The most recent dispute is a study that was published May 26, 2001, in Science and Justice, a journal of Britain's Forensic Science Society.

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