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             As our medical technological capabilities grow in great leaps and bounds, so does our life expectancy. Our doctors are able to deal with pretty much any injury or disease that comes through the door. It is almost hard to die in the current state of our medical technology. Many would question whether or not this is a positive occurrence. As our life expectancy grows, our quality of life decreases. A few centuries ago people were considered old if they reached the age of 40. Today, thanks to modern advances in technology, people are living to be 100 years old. At least the people in the old days died with dignity and died a natural death. Nowadays people are relying on machines to do their breathing, and other people to bathe and feed them. There is no dignity in this; these people may be better off not living at all. .
             Their quality of life is despicable they have lost everything enjoyable in life. One of life's greatest gifts is your freedom and individuality. Without these freedoms that make life enjoyable life is not worth living. These terminally ill people have nothing to live for. They can look forward to pain and suffering for the rest of their lives. Requiring a machine to live is not a way anyone would like to be in existence. One of the most beautiful things in life is the freedom to make our own decisions and choose the path our lives take. These terminally ill individuals have had that taken away from them. .
             Therefore the only humane option is to allow them to die with dignity by taking them off the machines.
             Some may believe that ethanasisa is unethical and morally wrong. This is a ridiculous claim. Since when was putting someone out of misery was such a horrible thing to do? It is not like they are being murdering; they willingly want it to happen, so that they can end their suffering. .
             Euthanasia can be described as "mercy killing" or the ending of a person's life because they no longer have the desire to live.

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