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             I"m sure everyone here has heard of Dr.
             he was convicted of murder for helping a man with a terminal illness.
             die. Should he have been convicted? In my opinion NO! Why? I.
             firmly believe that in certain cases where suffering from a terminal.
             illness, (alzheimer's, Multiple sclerosis, car accident leaving the.
             person like a vegetable, cancer) should be able to make the choice to.
             die with dignity. I know I would not want to live a life of constant.
             suffering in pain. Would you?.
             I will explain what Euthanasia is. The word Euthanasia comes.
             from the Greek language; eu means "good" and thantos means.
             "death". The meaning of the word evolved from "good death", and it.
             refers to the act of ending another person's life, at their request, in.
             order to minimize suffering. There are two forms, one is Passive.
             Euthanasia and the other is Active Euthanasia.
             Passive Euthanasia is the quick death of a person by, removing.
             life support equipment (respirator,etc.), or stopping medical.
             procedures, medications, or stopping food and water and allowing the.
             person to dehydrate or starve to death. These procedures are.
             performed on terminally ill patients, or suffering persons so that.
             natural death will occur sooner. It also is done on people who have.
             massive brain damage who are in a coma from which they will never.
             Active Euthanasia is the causingof the death of a person through.
             a direct action, like injecting a lethal drug to help the person end his.
             or her own life. Active Euthanasia is presently illegal, many.
             professionals claim that it is practiced secretly on a regular basis. .
             Active Ethanasia is very controversial, its argued that the patients.
             are not informed of what steps are being done to them or are forced.
             into agreeing to the act.
             Assisted suicide refers to a situation in which information and or.
             the means of committing suicide are given to a person so that they.
             can easily terminate their own life without further assistance.

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