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            For my RE project I have chosen Euthanasia to explain to you, the meaning of Euthanasia is "Also called "mercy killing". The act of putting to death painlessly or allowing to die, as by withholding extreme medical measures, a person or animal suffering from .
             an incurable disease, a painful, disease or condition.".
             The Argument for and against Euthanasia both have strong points, and I believe that Euthanasia in alright as long as the family or the victim says that they agree with it.
             Against Euthanasia.
             Some of the reasons why people think that Euthanasia is wrong because there is being a lot of people who were written off by doctors but they would recover after saying they didn"t want Euthanasia.
             Most people like to die with dignity is other reason why people don"t like it but I have heard that the is a pill that will kill you and will let you die with dignity or that some old people don"t like getting look after 24/7 or that if there were better facilities for caring for the dying they would not need Euthanasia. The patient may say to doctor that they would like to have euthanasia but then maybe them talk it over with there family and they change them mind, but the state has got worst and is unable to tell the doctor so the euthanasia goes on and that person has lost there life, when they could of lived longer and maybe when home and spent the last weeks of his life happy with his family. Many Christians would also agree that live is a gift from god and only god can take it away, because there is many newborn babies who don"t get even get to life 1 month of their life's.
             For Euthanasia.
             One of the main reasons people would agree with Euthanasia is because it can shorten the grief and suffering of the patient's loved ones and the pain the victim is going through and that everyone always talks about there Freedom which should give people the right to say if they do not wish to go through the pain and suffering of living and the humiliating live of people around you feeding, washing you etc.

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